Manchester Chinese Restaurant & Bar

The Journey of
Body Art

The Venue

Sat Proudly in Manchester’s Bustling Spinningfields District.

Tattu Manchester, our first Chinese restaurant, has been passionately designed to take you on a sensory journey from East to West. The concept is visually inspired by body art and its travels from its origins in the East, across the oceans through trade, to find its place in today’s modern world. The cherry blossom is a symbol of good luck and life, whilst our anchors represent the home where our brand was born. Our restaurant concept inspires everything from the colourful Chinese inspired cuisine, to the carefully crafted cocktails created by our bar team – everything is designed to be unique. The ‘U’ in Tattu represents the most important element of our brand, you, our guest.


Opulent surroundings suitable for a range of events and exclusive private hires.


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