Celebrate Your Graduation at Tattu London

Graduation season is almost here, and at Tattu London, we’re ready to make your celebration truly remarkable. Gather your loved ones and join us for a meal that will raise a glass to your bright future. Dine amidst the captivating cherry blossom trees, which turn a golden yellow… Read More

Explore Opulent Creations

Tattu Edinburgh’s latest innovation takes inspiration from the wonderful world of alternative medicine immersed in Chinese culture. Plunge yourselves into our world of curious concoctions and try some delicious innovative drinks that celebrate the magic of medical theories and the artistry that comes with them. Whether you’re seeking a pre… Read More

Introducing The Seven Seas Bounty Cocktail Collection

  This March Tattu Manchester unveils its latest project, an innovative bar menu with unique cocktails that have been specially designed to capture the essence of Tattu. This is just the beginning of our flagship site’s innovative journey this 2023. Inspired by infamous pirates of the Seven Seas our menu… Read More