New Season New Menu


Welcoming the Chinese New Year with a new menu.

Our incredible Tattu chefs have devised some exceptional new dishes, made with intricacy, creativity and expertise.

Driven by exquisite flavours, beautifully served.

Can we tempt you to try our Sweet and Sour Wok Black Angus Ribeye? 

Intensely delicious, with added winter melon and pineapple for sweetness. 

Taste our Char Sui Monkfish. Char Sui is a classical Cantonese dish that is traditionally made with roast pork. At Tattu we have elevated this into a sumptuous dish using monkfish, which has a delicate yet meaty texture, the perfect canvas for a Char Sui flavourful edge. 

Sample our new small plate – the Yellow Bean King Oyster Mushroom.

A delectable vegetarian dish that shares the allure of seared scallops, which is in fact, delicious King Oyster mushrooms, prepared with savoury blackened beans and sunflower seed crisps. 

Our new menu is revealed on the 31st of January 2022, just in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year.