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Our Values

As a family-owned company, our values are extremely important to us. We are a team that grows together and supports one another to celebrate our own individuality and to be the best that we can be.

We also strive to make a difference in everything we do. From the experience we deliver to our guests, to our impact in the local communities we become part of when we open our doors.

We recognise we’re in a fortunate position to do what we love, and we want to use that position, and the strength of our teams, to help create positive changes in the lives of others.

For those affected by homelessness, having access to support at times when it is most needed can be life-changing. This is where we believe we can all make a difference, and where we want to offer our help.

In each of our locations, we’ve built partnerships with local charities that offer support to those affected by homeless-ness or that have experienced homelessness in the past.


These charities are:

Manchester – St John’s
Leeds – Simon on the Streets
Birmingham – St Basils
Edinburgh – The Rock Trust


As well as our initial fundraising as part of our ‘Pay as You Feel’ dinner events in each city, we’ll be working with each charity to develop a number of opportunities for teams to get involved as we navigate the new normal.

In addition, we have also supported Action Against Hunger’s ‘Love Food Give Food’ appeal over the last five years with the help of our guests to raise funds for their work around the world to combat child hunger.

We’re extremely grateful to all our guests that have supported ourfundraising initiatives and to our hardworking team that are so passionate about giving back to their local communities.