Summer is served

Summer is served

20 May, 2019

Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner, which means thirst-quenching drinks are a MUST! As an overarching concept, we aim to take guests on a sensory journey – engaging taste, touch, scent and vision in everything we do. And, our cocktail menu is no exception.

This Monday, 20th May we introduce 16 new Spring/Summer cocktails to our menu. From refreshing spritzers, punchy fruit cocktails to our new low abv range, our innovative new selection complements the Asian influences of the food menu and the warmer times ahead. Here’s some of our new favourites…

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is as delicate as the flower itself. A blend of slow gin finished with pineapple, jasmine and blueberry. Partner this tipple with our new spring/summer food menu and you have yourself a real summertime treat.

Ping Yang

A refreshing twist on the classic Collins bursting with raspberry and ginger. The serve takes its name from Princess Ping Yang – the daughter of the founding Emperor of the Tang Dynasty. She helped him to seize power and take over the throne by organising an ‘Army of the Lady’ which she commanded herself. This elegant yet punchy serve is Tattu’s homage to her strength and resilience. 

White Chocolate Espresso Martini 

For post-dining indulgence there’s a new White Chocolate Espresso Martini that’s every bit as decadent as it sounds, with flavours of vanilla, cocoa liqueur, white chocolate and coffee foam.

All made for your summer indulgence, enjoy!

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