Tattu… The story so far

May 9, 2017

As we move closer to beginning the next chapter of Tattu, we wanted to take some time to explain to customers both old and new a little more about the concept behind our new site in Leeds, to give you an idea of what to expect at our second Tattu.


For those of you who have perhaps not had chance to visit Tattu before, let me first tell you about what inspired us to create the concept. The Tattu brand takes inspiration from body art and its rich history; our Manchester venue invites guests on a sensory journey from East to West, delivering a unique experience unlike any other. The design influence behind Tattu comes from our fascination (some would probably call it mild obsession!) with the social development and acceptance of body art as an appreciated and respected art form.


Body art connects people so it felt natural to apply this concept to the hospitality industry, bringing people together to enjoy shared experiences through food and drink. Tattu Manchester tells a story, it takes customers from the historical eastern roots of the art form across the oceans and into the contemporary surroundings of the restaurant, which transports you to a sophisticated metropolis inspired by modern Chinese cities not dissimilar to the likes of Shanghai and Beijing.


And where the first chapter of Tattu comes to an end in Manchester, the next part of our story begins in Leeds. Opening in June, the second restaurant has been inspired by the modern techniques of body art used widely today. The detailed line work that artists are now able to create delivers visual masterpieces that are as intricate as they are powerful.


Tattu Leeds will focus on creating this same attention to detail in its aesthetic, from the materials and textures we’re using, to the bespoke interior design features and artwork that has been commissioned especially for the venue, staying true to the brand ethos of always being permanently unique.


Our menu will showcase the signature dishes that Tattu has become known for, as well as new dishes for Leeds created using locally-sourced produce, beautifully presented as if each dish were its own piece of artwork.


We’re really looking forward to sharing our second Tattu with you all and can’t wait to welcome you through the doors in Leeds. For more information on our opening date please sign up to our database at www.tattu.co.uk/leeds.


Adam Jones, owner and managing director.

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